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Write us an e-mail, Call us, or lets get in touch via the contact form.

FAQs About


Currently, you can do online booking via booking / reservation form placed at our homepage. OR, You can directly reserve through call : +977 9851062721

Pong Restaurant will hold your booking without reconfirmation.

To help our restaurants manage their sittings we ask our diners to give at least 24 hours’ notice of any cancellations. You can do this by calling us direct.

Our representative will contact you back with confirmation about your booking. Please make sure that you book/reserve at least 24 hours before your booking date.

We will always contact you about confirmation. If you have not received a confirmation, then please contact us immediately.

Call us. We will hold booking for at least few hours before reassigning your reservation.

We Have 2+ Years of Experience, Give Better Quality Results

Pong Restaurant has all the must haves for a great dining experience.

FAQs About


We will be glad to help you and propose dishes that may be suitable for you.

Diners can send us feedback using our contact form.

We do not allow outside beverages. Instead, we are delighted to offer you beautiful wine pairings. Our bar can accommodate classic cocktail requests, and we offer a limited beer selection.

We have a full range menu from fish or shrimp and meat dishes all fresh and in season.

I’ve read this FAQ but still have a specific question. Can I contact Ever directly?

Yes, please email us at Your email will be returned within 24 hours.